Volvo – Express your values

Those of you who know your cars will certainly know the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo. You will also know that it isn’t the best car on the road and would be under the category of a “reasonably priced car”. However, there is talks of them doubling its marketing spend in a bid to have a greater impact in a category where it has been swamped by larger rivals, such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

One of its planned marketing campaigns in to provide a personal service technician for every customer. each car will be delivered in person by a Volvo expert who will be on call seven days a week if any issues come about. This is a fantastic idea as it shows that the company really care about its customer and ensures they get the best possible treatment when purchasing a new car(as it should be splashing out thousands of your hard earned own money).

However, more of you will be more familiar with one of the top viral ads of the year. A TV spot with Jean Claude Van Damme doing a splits between two Volvo trucks was used to demonstrate the stability and precision of their engineering. This ad definitely made a big statement about the brands values and after looking for yourself you will see why it has been one the most talked about commercials of the year.

Sharing their values and  making this powerful statement can help identify themselves and increase industry awareness. There is no doubt that by the end of their marketing campaign they will be competing with the high-end brands.

Zach Kelly.



One thought on “Volvo – Express your values

  1. Great and interesting blog. I only realised at the end of that commercial that it was acutullay real and not photoshopped. I think what Volvo is doing is really unique and clever, it’s making them stand out amougst their rival companies. Knowing that I would have 24/7 access to a Volvo expert if anything ever goes wrong with my car would definitely entice me to buy a Volvo car. Emma Nolan 13380376


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