Site Design – All about the user

This week we are going to look at designing a website and the relevance it has with marketing a product or service.

Developing a well-built site isn’t always the easiest thing to do when trying to get your company and product out there, as well as meeting customer satisfaction. In order to do this correctly most companies should focus on the 5S’s. These are the site goals a company wishes to achieve by creating a website.

They include:
• Sell – clear online value proposition, easy ecommerce and lead generation
• Serve – easy-to-use information
• Speak – conversations with customer
• Save – cheaper than offline purchases
• Sizzle – reinforces brand values and experience

In the past years not all companies have fully understood this concept, which has been evident in their sales and growth. But others have. Let’s have a look at a site that has met the objectives of connecting with the user and fulfilling their online experience, and one that hasn’t.


Nike have successfully created a website that meets all goals a company would wish to meet when creating a site. From a customers point of view it is fantastic. They have created a section call “nike id”, where it allows you to customise your own pair of trainers, if you are not satisfied with the collection on the site. There is 24 hour customer service for any queries or help. We can see why Nike are one of the biggest sports brands in the world and it is because they put the customer first, always trying to ensure customer satisfaction.


Lings Cars

Lings car is a car rental company that clearly haven’t quite got the gist of how to create a website. For those of you who don’t have a clue who this company is, you’ll soon find out why. They have overloaded the website with useless information and bright colours that it makes it nearly impossible to browse the site. It is no surprise that this company hasn’t made it big time. Any customer visiting the website would have no clue on how to go about renting a car. Have a look for yourself:

lings cars

Thanks for reading.

Zach Kelly


Smith, P.(2014, May 6). Retrieved from Buzzfeed:


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