5 Reasons Why Mobile Website Marketing Fails

In one our previous Blogs we talked about the reasons to introduce mobile marketing into a business and therefore I would like to discuss the reasons a company’s mobile site makes people furious. In the past most people at one point in time have been annoyed while using their mobile device, whether it be a slow loading page an annoying pop up or a store locator that simply didn’t find what you were looking for. There are many websites that have these characteristics, but this is not the way customers should feel when they’re on a mobile website.http://http://cache1.asset-cache.net/gc/186703250-this-is-unacceptable-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=2eY1U8rxi0UBb7iBIKEX6AdFoSe2P0XzzG4%2fmXUl5%2fJo6s5zpFxqPzME19RWodFZ

So this is why I have picked the 5 biggest mobile mistakes that will make most people using a mobile website furious, this will teach you what your mobile site is doing wrong and how to avoid it.

  1. Forever Loading Pages

In the digital mobile marketing world 47%of people expect your site to load in 2 seconds or less. It this fails then you are more than likely going to lose a customer. Why do people visit mobile sites?- because they’re bored and looking for entertainment or they have decided to make a last minute purchase, and if your site is slow they will more likely get frustrated and look for other options like in the shape of your competitors site.

  1. Pesky Pop-Ups

Pop Ups are what mobile site visitors probably hate the most, those pop ups that will follow you down the screen, customers do not want to download your app and certainly do not want to fill out a feedback survey after being on your site for 2 minutes.

All they want to do is make a purchase, find out more information or get a specific question answered.

  1. Ridiculously Long Forms

People hate filling out forms. The more fields a form has the further you’re pushing your customers away from the buying funnel . Don’t you want their money? It is important, especially on a mobile device, to consider only the essential elements your need to know about your customers. If you don’t need their second name? Don’t ask for it. Your mission? Eliminate the pointless in favour of the fundamental.

  1. Navigation Nightmares

The only thing that will make someone leave your site faster that an annoyed one is a confused one, if someone lands on a site and does not know what to do then it is your sites design, that is at fault. Mobile navigation should not be complicated it should be designed so that is simple and allows for seamless navigation through your website.

Hope You Enjoyed the Read!

-James Roberts




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