Coca Cola – digital marketing masters

In our last few blogs we focused on various aspects of digital marketing. However, this week we will look at Coca Cola and why they have been so successful throughout the years. It cannot be denied that they are in fact one of the most creative digital marketers out there. They believe staying relevant in millennial-driven marketplace requires creativity, risk-taking and constant reinvention, stated their Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Joe Tripodi (Jay Moye, 2013).

Here we are going to take a look at some of Coca Cola’s digital marketing campaigns, to help us understand why they are the masters of marketing. They have managed to appeal to such a wide target market with all of their marketing stunts and no doubt, each and every one of us have been affected by them one way or another.

Share A Coke

It goes without saying that Share A Coke is one of Coca-Cola’s most noteworthy digital campaigns. It gives people the chance to order personalised Coke bottles through a Facebook app as well as some countries having changed the products altogether, so that each bottle has a different name on them. This global campaign received a huge response and it was evident that consumers were going out of their way to find a bottle with a name of a friend, family member or loved one on it. It showed to be a massive success as people loved to share images of Coke bottles with their name on it on social media networks.


Christmas Advert

Another successful marketing campaign I’m sure everyone is familiar with is the Christmas advert. The famous Coca-Cola truck appears across all sorts of media such as adverts on television and YouTube as well as on peoples social media profiles. Everyone associates this truck with Christmas and the phrase, “you know it’s Christmas when you see the Coca-Cola truck” is commonly used around Christmas time. We can’t deny that it does add an extra sense of Christmas every time we see it! Take a look for yourself:

The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

Most of you will be very familiar with the Coca-Cola happiness machine also. The Happiness Machines are classic Coke vending machines that dish out treats including drinks, pizza, flowers and sandwiches.

While some give away the freebies to all-comers, others require a specific action to earn a reward. For example, one in Singapore required a hug before it would dispense a free drink, while another in Belgium was dance-activated. Have a look at these college students reactions to this marketing campaign.

This simple, yet genius idea managed to attract a massive online buzz for Coca-Cola.

Zach Kelly


Faye, J.(2013, October 29). Marketing to Millennials: 5 Ways Coca-Cola Is Embracing Creativity and Innovation. Retrieved from Coca-Cola company:


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