3 Reasons to introduce Mobile Marketing into a Business

 Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!mobile marketing

In our latest blog post we touched on the amazing marketing lengths Coca-Cola has undertaken to boost brand image and to create a “buzz” around their product. But this is not at all possible without going mobile!

Chances are, numerous company’s out there still don’t appreciate or are ignorant to the sheer benefits of relaunching a more mobile-friendly version of their site.

You probably use a smartphone or tablet every single day and more than likely are reading this post on one. Consumers have moved from the plain old ways of purchasing goods and services through typical retailer-consumer means. They now seek an E-commercial means of getting their purchases done, of keeping up-to-date with the news, of keeping in contact with friends and even doing their banking and bill paying.


Here are 3 reasons to show the very reasons why business should mobilize their content…

  1. At least 33% of smartphone users have made a purchase on their device – By the end of the Chritsmas season this number is much higher. According to mobile marketing expert Laura Betterly, there are 3 times more smartphones being activated every minute around the world than the number of babies being born.
  2. Mobile traffic is projected to make up 7% of all US commerce by 2016, according to this Mashable. That’s a hefty 31 billion dollars. Not only that, but tablet users convert 33-66% better than those who visit on a PC.
  3. Smartphone and tablet sales are only gaining thrust. Smartphones now make up 59% of all US handset sales, up 13% from last year. By early 2012, 58 million Americans will own a tablet device. Most of these will be iPads, although the Kindle Fire has proved to have been been the best-selling product on Amazon for a long while.


Jessica Cusack



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