Infusing Technology into Consumer Markets

In our last Blog entry we touched upon what is Digital Marketing and also online video marketing. This week we will be talking about online digital markets. The consumer  service and convenience experience has been driven by technology.  As there is still an increase in Online purchasing, in store buying still remains as the main source of revenue for all retailers, gauging on how the customer experience is depends on how seamless and easy the experience is. Getting people in to the store to increase impulse purchases so increased investment in in-store technology will be vital. As Scott Fenwick stated

“To Truly capitalize on the promise of all channels in the coming years, we will see an increased investment in technology that encourages customers to visit stores and helps associates provide selling experiences tailored to individual customers”Unknown

There huge increase in technology has created a diverse product range that have completely changed the retail industry in its entirety. These are playing a huge part in 2015:


Location or Proximity based mobile marketing has allowed brands increase personalization by delivering relevant content and offers to consumers via their smartphones and this is vital as 95% of young males own a smartphone in modern society. Personalization being the to priority for for brands, beacons will become an intricate part of the shopping experience.

POS(point of sale)

Even tho there has been huge investment in commerce 99% of retail sales still occur in the shop. Brands are hoping tho with a more pleasurable and swift experience consumers will spend more in the actual store. For this too happen the pos must match that of an online service.  New, POS systems, retailers are enabled to provide a seamless, convenient, and a more personalized experience and transaction.


In the last year wearables have become increasingly popular and with the Applewatch being released in Spring the market size of wearables is supposed to double in 2015. They are in their early stages but their in new and endless possibilities. The data that the wearables will collect will be the most important part of the device and what the data is used for.  It remains to be seen for retailers and brands as to how they can leverage these devices and the data they provide to better serve or market to their

Hope You Enjoyed It,

-James Roberts



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